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    TeaKettle Ink Price and Reference Guide.  All color photos, hard cover, 60 pages or TeaKettle information.  Includes price range, rarity guide, known colors, sizes and detail description of 16 molds.  Limited edition of 100 copies and there are only a few to sell.  Sincere thanks to collectors and auction houses who purchased the "TeaKettle Ink Bible". 

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    Still have large amount of Michigan items, mostly U.P. Beers, Sodas, Druggists, Stoneware, etc.  E-mail specific wanted items or call. 

    Phone: 906-360-6379 
    Address: 224 Cherry Creek Rd. Marquette MI 49855
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    Lash's Bitters Co. amber Qt, three states embossed, fluted shoulder, nice looking $90.  W.L. Richardsons Bitter great OP, aq. $215.  Dr. S. Weavers Canber & Salt Rheum Syrup big aq. $75.  Carneliter Bitter amber, much more embossing, $140.  Olive green Swaims Panacea, great bottle $250.  Hopkins Chalybeate, Baltrane, lovely teal round bottle $150. 

    All bottles are mint, and thanks for ordering out of the Old Bottle Magazine.  It's great, keep it up!

    Phone: 603-772-2296 
    Address: 9 Oak St, Exeter, NH 03833