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    Atwoods Quinne Bitters Aq $75 - Sanborns Kidney & Liver Bitters $80 - Kings Celery Sarsaparilla Amb $165 - Rising Sun Bitters Amb $120 - Henry's Sars. Aq Dull $70 - Swains Panacea Aq $60 - Browns Iron Bitters Amb $75 - Dr. Sykes Sure Cure Aq $45 - Royces Sherry Wine Bitters Aq $90. Postage $10.00 each please.

    Phone: 603-772-2296 
    Address: 9 Oak St, Exeter NH 03833
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    NEW BOOK about Antique Bottle Hunting! "It Came from the River . . . Assabet! Adventures & Artifacts" by Cathy & Drew Simmons. Great stories, 350+ color photos of bottles and other artifacts found in a Massachusetts river. Nice 8/5 x 11" size, 175 pages, available on or contact us for a signed copy. $29.99 plus shipping.

    Phone: NONE 
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    Free Quarterly For Sale list. 200 plus items in the major categories. New items added as they are sold off the list. I do layaway and take payments.

    Phone: 707-762-8515 
    Address: 1512 McGregor Ave. Petaluma, CA 94954
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    Selling 50 year collection of figural bottles Milk glass and colors. Call for more information. Call between 8pm and 10pm, EST.

    Phone: 772-871-9009 
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    40 DECO STYLE EMBOSSED CROWN TOPS. Please contact me with your name and address and I will send you a list. These are priced at $20.00 each and I pay the postage. Also have 3 BIMAL Crowns. Same deal. No ACL's. Call or send me an e-mail.


    Phone: 505-327-1316 
    Address: 1612 Camino Rio, Farmington NM 87401